How much is the cost for smoking sensations?
The cost is $399 a one time fee.

How many treatments does it take?
For the majority of the clients it takes one treatment, however you are allowed to come back up to 4 times within 3 months for boosters at no additional charge, if needed.

Is their any side affects?
Their have been no known side affects using low level laser. It has been used in Europe for the past 35 years with no known side affects and has been used in the United States for the last 8 years with no known side affects.

Will I gain weight?
Most people will not, ┬áin our procedure, we laser a few trigger points that will help you control your appetite so you won’t substitute food for cigarettes.

What is the success rate?
While clinical trail are still under review, we have seen an 85% success rate with our customers.

How long does it take for you to notice a difference in health?
Its starts 20 minutes after your last cigarette and continues as long as you stay smoke free.